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Derzeit arbeitet SouthFront an folgenden Analysen:

  • Ein analytischer Blick auf die Haltung der türkischen Außenpolitik gegenüber Rußland;
  • Eine umfangreiche Analyse, welche die derzeitigen Konflikte im Jemen und Afghanistan darstellt und, einschließlich ihrer Besonderheiten, miteinander vergleicht.




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SF Needs You SF Needs You SF Needs You SF Needs You SF Needs You


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  • Nexusfast123

    No more than an occupng force from the US empire

  • The whole Zionist-Jewish led invasion of Europe, was to conquer indigenous Europeans, subdue them, and ultimately ethnically cleanse all the natives of Europe.
    This is racism. America was good over 100 years ago. Since the Jewish Federal Reserve act of 1914, America was conquered and turned into the USSA (United Soviet States of America).

  • thomas vesely

    go home you racist, war profiteers, go kill your own people……!!

  • thomas vesely

    hey, american soldiers, when you go home as vets, they will shit on you, kill you or force you to kill yourselves !

    • devon

      Oh really? Well as an American Sailor i would strongly disagree.

      • But as an American sailor you fund, support and take part in the American bombing of people and countries that never attacked or threatened you or your country for 16 Years now and still going strong.

        So. Imagine for a moment – what YOU would say about the Russians or the Chinese if they were ….. bombing the people of multiple nations daily for 16 years with no end in sight – nations that had never attacked or threatened them?

        • devon

          “what would it be like if RUSSIA was BOMBING and DESTROYING small, poor, weak nations that have no means of defending themselves against the attacks”

          Uh….. yes…. what would it be like? What if they were bombing our allies in Syria right now even?

          And so what? I don’t care if they are defenseless or not. We should be helping the people of these countries regardless. You think because they’re weak that means anything?

          • Russia is bombing your allies in Syria?

            So you admit you know – your “allies in Syria” are foreign insurgents and terrorists – including Al Qaeda – those very nice people who blew up your Twin Towers on 9/11?

            And you know that and you defend that. …..?
            Only ONE nation is waging unprovoked war against the defenseless.

            YOURS. With a little help from your friends.

      • thomas vesely

        see suicide rates……….