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  • Juan C. Mendizabal

    Narco-NATO & oil Wahabi religion, what a great limited society.

  • hhabana

    The West will do everything they can to destabilize as many countries with the goals of finally destabilizing China and Russia. They do not want to coexist with anyone in equal and respecting power. Even Europe is being destabilized by the U.S. with the refugees. The European elites either unknowingly or more likely know this (the elites will be protected behind walls or can always fly to an island i.e. New Zealand) and the culture of Europe will change in a short time simply because the most Muslims will out breed the Christians and will not assimilate.

    • Ezra Pound

      “the most Muslims will out breed the Christians and will not assimilate” -And unfortunately, the vast majority will not leave peacefully either which is why there is inevitably bound to be a massive war/slaughter of Muslims, Arabs and Africans in Europe. I’m in the US, but if called upon, I would travel to Europe to take part in the operations to cleanse Europe of the NATO migrant invasion.

      • Don’t eat the meat, it might be dead Christian kebab. I wish I were just kidding.

  • Gee, i wonder who is responsible for the decadent west? Hmm… I wonder…

  • The West: Arnon Milchan’s Israeli espionage center at Creative Artists Agency and Slate Public Relations based in Los Angeles, which is probably where this article was written. I can think of a few solutions to this problem of ‘The West’, like considering these two businesses the ‘head’ of the entire ISIS operation, their propaganda and assassination central.